The How’s and Why’s of the Forced Retrieve

Advice on Bloodtracking

Bear Tracking Work Featured in Local Press

Our Pups & Training for the Natural Ability (NA) Test & More (Complete Version)

A video presentation in two parts, the first ‘Our Pups’ is a half hour journey through the hand crafted endeavor of raising a litter of Small Munsterlanders from whelping to seven weeks when they are then placed in their new owners hands. We show how the pups are exposed to an array of impressions that

Our Pups & Training for the Natural Ability (NA) Test (Unedited Version)

Training video of Kleine Munsterlander bird hunting dogs by Mark Bulvanoski of Fall Brook Run in Willowemoc, NY. The Chapter Menu: 1) Raising B-Litter 2) N.A .Test Training -Whoa 3) Tracking 4) Introduction to Water 5) Introduction to Birds 6) Developing Field Search 7) Fieldwork 8) Whoa & Use of Traps 9) Shot Birds 10)

Early Neurological Stimulation

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On Breeding Bird Dogs

Training the Bringselverweiser

By Eberhard Felsmann Past Chairman and Breed Warden, VDD-Group Canada What is a Bringselverweiser or, freely translated, a “dead game guide”? It is a dog who has been trained to guide his handler to the carcass of dead game. The training of a Bringselverweiser is not difficult and you will be amazed at how fast

Training for the Drags

by Gary and Sandy Hodson The HZP and the VGP both include two drags: a shorter one with feathered game (pheasant or duck) and a longer one with furred game (rabbit). These drags are not really a test of the dog’s ability to track. The scent trail laid during the drag is like a highway

Sure Steps to Steadiness! – Part I

By Kit Critchlow JGV-USA I guess before I tell you one method for training a gun dog to be steady, I should throw out a definition. For different people it means different things. For the purposes of this article I will assume that steadiness means steady to wing, shot and fall. For pointing dogs you

Sure Steps to Steadiness!—Part II

Kit Critchlow JGV-USA In Part I we looked at things from Spot’s point of view and talked about using reinforcement in the proper way to help Spot learn. Now I will continue on with what was already said and talk about a very important ingredient in steadiness training. That step is a reliable STOP command.

Sure Steps to Steadiness! – Part III

By Kit Critchlow JGV-USA After going through Part I and II Spot should be full of fire in the bird field, leaving skid marks in the dirt when you blow your whistle and retrieving like a champ. If not, then you should back up and revisit those areas. If Spot has all of the above

Preparing a Pup for a Natural Ability Test

VHD Magazine Article This month’s questions arrived from Richard B. Rich asked, “Should you train yourself and/or your dog for the NA test? Simply put, yes! I believe you should prepare both yourself and your dog for the Natural Ability Test. In the February 2008 edition (blue) of NAVHDA’s Aims, Programs and Test Rules book

The Early Training…

The First 6-7 Months of Your Deutsch Langhaar’s Training Here is an article that Eike Behrens put in September 2012 Issue of the Deutsch Langhaar Mitteilungen. Eike Behrens has well trained over 100 Deutsch Langhaars to pass a VGP and he also offers training classes for hunting dog handlers in Germany. I translated his report