Thanks for visiting us here at Fall Brook Run.

Training and breeding Small Munsterlanders for more than twenty years and making it look like fun guaranteed we have had plenty of that, as we have let the good times roll and welcome you here to some of those times, exposing our pups to the hunting environment that makes training ‘click’ ~ leading to the making of a Versatile Champion, also known as a very good versatile hunting dog.

The NAVHDA NATURAL Ability Test: Fall Brook Run has for over 20 years relied on the value of the results of the NAVHDA testing system to evaluate the prodigy we produce and our breeding stock used to give you a pup to hunt and live with. All included to make sure we are on the right track we have entered well over 100 NAVHDA tests.

The S–Litter will be on the ground early July 2024.
Learn more about the parents here.

(Please note, dogs are personal and I would enjoy your inquiries. Feel free to call upon me at: 845 439 3841)

Again enjoy the post here of the P–Litter, we are expecting the R-Litter breeding  to closely resemble this.

Pedigree & Hip X-Rays Available on Request. If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out this questionnaire, which has our 3 year health guarantee.


I invite you to explore our media gallery featuring pictures of our pups at work and play.

Those interested in owning a Fall Brook Run pup are invited to fill out a Pup Buyer Questionnaire. Once received I will be able to send two copies of the contract with the cost of your pup included. Please sign both, and send back to me with a deposit, I will sign both copies as well. I then will send your completed copy back to you.