STARTED Versatile Hunting Dogs (VHD)

Excellent companions in the field, in the home, and in between.

A started versatile hunting dog : is a pup that is less than 16 monts of age; has taken and passed the NAVHDA Natural Abillity Test or can perform and pass the field, water and tracking portions of that test, meaning that the pup enters the water willingly, points birds reliably holding point for 5 seconds or more, and perform a live track on running game; a pup reliably responds well to the commands’ kennel’, ‘place’,’ no’, and recalls reliably to its name or to a whistle; around the home exhibits a cooperative demeanor to enter the home -car and exit the home-car in a safe controlled manner ; is house trained ; reliably pursues, and exhibits good manners behind game.

Currently Available Started Dog: Kurbits

No longer just a started dog, but working towards becoming a finished gun dog.

Steadiness Work: Stop to flush

Field Work

Water Work

Started Dog Questionnaire

The cost of the started dog that you are inquiring about will be sent to you after I receive this questionnaire. We understand that you may be enquiring about something you are not entirely sure of, so I will take you through some of the work that goes into a started dog.

A good prospect is chosen from a litter where the pups cost $1500. The pup is trained (described above) and  the training is upheld as a base and more is added as a natural progression called ‘extra training’, until the pup goes to its new owner. With the cost of birds, time, training, the  taking the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, travel, vet expenses, care of dog fees, so here you have a start to what is involved in having a started dog started.

You are welcome to fill out the STARTED DOG QUESTIONNAIRE, Upon receiving it I will contact you and we can talk further , with that in mind we can meet as well, either way the purpose is to agree and do the best for you and Fall Brook Run’s Hiddre.

Thank you
Sincerely Mark Bulvanoski

    The cost of the started dog that you are inquiring about will be sent to you after receiving this questionnaire.

    FINISHED Versatile Hunting Dogs (VHD)