Puppy Buyer Questionnaire ~ Fall Brook Run

I would appreciate if you could fill out the following questionnaire

Name and address

1. I am purchasing a: male pup female pup ,or 'either' depending on

availability .

2. I prefer a: predominately brown pup predominately white even mix

roan dark roan light roan or I don�t care .

3. When I am not home my dog will be housed in: a crate an outdoor kennel

an indoor/outdoor kennel a room specified for the dog .

4. I have a fenced yard . I do not have a fenced yard .

5. During the day someone is home hours per day.

6. I have: small children older children no children grandchildren .

7. How will you exercise your young pup on a daily basis?

8. How will you exercise your dog as he/she reaches adulthood?

9. I intend to use my dog to hunt the following game: upland birds waterfowl

fur tracking  fur hunting  fur.  Mark any or all.

10. I like my dog to hunt: within 50 yards 50-100 yards over 100 yards

not sure .

11. I like my dog to hunt: aggressively methodically not sure .

12. How will you train your pup to hunt? Professional trainer I have a friend who

will help me I will work with a NAVHDA chapter

13) I intend to test and have tested my dog

14) I intend to train for the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, Yes No

15.This is my first Versatile Hunting Dog(VHD) I have had flushing breeds

I have had pointing breeds I have had retrievers This is my first hunting


16. I intend to hunt my dog (number of) days per hunting season.

17. I intend to hunt: at a preserve public land private land . Mark any or


18. I usually hunt (number of) hours per day.

19. I have hunted (number of) years.

20. I intend to spay/neuter my dog at months of age. I am undecided on this


Thank You, Sincerely ~~~~~~~~~~ Mark Bulvanoski

Telephone: 845 439 3841

After completion of this form. Please save it to your desktop. Then send it in an attachment as an e-mail to: fallbrookrun@copper.net or print out a hard copy of the completed form and send it by US mail to: Mark Bulvanoski 25 Church Rd , Livingston Manor N.Y. 12758.

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