Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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Our Pups & Training for the Natural Ability (NA) Test

DVD presentation in two parts, the first 'Our Pups' is a half hour journey through the hand crafted endeavor of raising a litter of Small Munsterlanders from whelping to seven weeks when they are then placed in their new owners hands. We show how the pups are exposed to an array of impressions that orient them to you as their future guide and to the needs of the world of a versatile hunting dog.

The second part' Training for the Natural Ability (NA) Test' (1hr25 minutes) shows the training of one of the pups, named 'Beewau', from seven weeks to six months at the completion of which he is tested and achieves at the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test a Prize One with a perfect score of 112 over 112.

DVD-Chapter Menu:
1) Raising B-Litter
2) N.A .Test Training -Whoa
3) Tracking
4) Introduction to Water
5) Introduction to Birds
6) Developing Field Search
7) Fieldwork
8) Whoa & Use of Traps
9) Shot Birds
10) Pheasant Track
11) Beginning Duck Work
12) NAVHDA Testing Process

We thoroughly examine the training for this test through demonstration and explanation. We look at the basic elements (water-birds- guns -tracking) involved in training an unexposed pup and examine how that exposure to these elements and the sequence in which they are presented has its value. You will see that training with your pup depends on a close buddy-like relationship, how that lends itself toward not being overly sympathetic when challenging your pup and he does not succeed, but rather being understanding to the efforts and small progresses he has showed up until then, remembering to always turn toward the positive at the end of the day.

I hope that you find this training journal valuable as it shows you above all else that taking the time, "to be with your pup" , is of the utmost importance. In truth there are many ways to train a versatile hunting dog, as well as to expose a pup to the elements of guns, water, birds,  tracking, and  this was one way that worked for us.  I hope that after watching Our Pups you will find one that works for you. 

     Sincerely,  Mark Bulvanoski

Our Pups and Training for the NA Test DVD - Cost $60 -
Please make checks payable to Mark Bulvanoski,
Send your order payable to:
Mark Bulvanoski
25 Church Rd
Livingston Manor NY, 12758

Fall Brook Run's  DVD   'Our Pups & Training for NA Test'   cost- $60
  Chapter Menu Stimulation exercises First bird encounter at 10 weeks First water crossing at 9 weeks
Retrieve of duck at 5.8 months Whoa board work at 5 months First water  retrieve in cover A successful pheasant retrieve at 4.8 months A point in the field at 13 weeks


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Fall Brook Run
25 Church Road
Livingston Manor, NY 12758