Small Munsterlanders at Fall Brook Run


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Caja x VC Bou
Whelped - 03-10-07
5 males and 4 females


Fall Brook Run's Bente

  • In the Danish testing system the 'Undomsklasse' or 'puppy class' Bente was tested and has performed with perfect work ~ so far two first prizes in field ~also 29 of a possible 30 points where achieved in tracking and retrieving (apportering). Bente will be testing in the user class, 'brugsklasse' and then onward to the youth class, 'undomsklasse', the open class, 'abenklasse', and then the full use class, 'vinderklasse'. 

DMK's Forårsvinderklasse 2010
Bente 4th from left
  •  'Here above is the Munsterlander Klub of Danmark's acknowledgement of the spring 'vinderklasse' or 'winner class' acheivement by Fall Brook Run's Bente. Owner Jimmi Larsen and Bente are now entitled to go to the Danish, European, or German Championships called the Danmarksmesterskab, the Europamensterskab, and the Verdensmestenskab respectively or they may opt to work further in the autumn ' vinderklasse' tests, to join the ranks of the vinderklasse there, needless to say Fall Brook Run's Bente is a highly prized versatile hunting dog in Denmark.'

Owner: Jimmi and Gitte Larsen,  Asmindrup, Denmark

Fall Brook Run's Bea
  • Bea ----NA 106 Prize 2

Owner: Rusty Combs, GA

  'Bea standing a covey of quail'  

Fall Brook Run's Billie

  • Billie ----NA  112  Prize 1

Owner: Joe Cimorelli, NY

    'Joe Cimarelli with Billi's 1st grouse' 

Fall Brook Run's Boller
  • Boller ----NA 101 Prize 1

Owner: Mark and Tess Koffler, NM

    Fall Brook Run's Boller
(on the left)

Fall Brook Run's Bella
  • Bella---NA Prize 1, score 106

Owner: Richard and Libby Collins, ME

    Bella at work

Fall Brook Run's Beewau
  • Beewau---NA Prize 1 score 112 (6.2 months)
  • UT Prize 1 score198 (17.5 months)

Owner: Mark Bulvanoski, NY

  Beewau Pinning his timberdoodle (Nov.07)  

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Fall Brook Run's Birgit

  • Birgit ---- NA Tested 2 times and failed to prize

Owner: Charles and Kim Hanby, NJ

no picture provided

Fall Brook Run's Bina
  • Bina----NA 107 Prize 1

Owner: Carl and Crisy Molter, MD






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